We are Cyber Buddies or Cybuds for short. We are an open sharing social community. The place to hang out with your buds in the cyber world.

We have always had the idea for a more free and open web. A place that's more about the users and overall experience. So we are opening this social site. And we are going to keep it more about social and your content. Because we pay you for your content.

Your Content

Yes, it's true, we will pay you for your content. The stuff you post, comment, and interact with will earn you points. You can then turn those points into cash!

We believe that content is a big thing nowadays and users on social media sites deserve to get paid for their own content. 

On-Going Features

We are currently working on making this place better and focused on its community, and if you'd like to support us you can get a verified badge, be able to boost posts and pages, use the blog, and more! It helps us get more features out to our base to make this place one of the best social experiences out there!