Hey, they buds!

We have been working hard behind the scenes on bringing improvements to the site and our overall security.

It's very important to be safe on and offline. You want your own data kept safe and to only be used for the right reasons to the right people to know it.

Here at Lvl2 & Cybuds, we are trying to bring more ways to not only help those earn back from using the web but ways to make sure users are kept safe to get the information they need.

While we don't really track any data, we do. We have mentioned this before, and we only use the data to see how you use the site so we can make improvements to it, and bring better/fun things to do. We won't ever sell your data, or even take any more than we already are.

Within a few days to about 2 weeks, our site will be updated with a few new features and more security.

We want to thank all our users so far as you have helped us a bit. We hope to make more improvements, make the web a safer place, and evolve the way of the internet.