Hey, buds!

So we are working on upgrading the site soon with some bug fixes, storage issues, and lots more. The site needs it. We try to make sure the site is running smoothly as best we can daily.

Now we have talked about storage before, and there is some news about all that. Well first off hopefully very soon we are going to be using a different web host as our current one has been acting strange lately. This new host will have faster speeds to load the pages and store any media on this site or our other sites.

Now we might go and use AWS, but we might also find something different. Now we will be using AWS for some things, but not everything.

Hopefully one day we will have our own data server and host everything ourselves as we want to remain independent. Move away from the places they can sell and use your data and we want to secure it and make sure you earn from it.

This is going to cost us a bit to really get going, at first without any help it's going to be only slightly better, but with the help of more user sign-ups, less user using an ad blocker, or us getting donations our data will always be a bit slower and less for the user to use. You can still only upload files 16MB or under.

So some new updates soon. Hopefully, it all goes well and the community grows!