Well im still up in the state of Oregon and although i dont mind my visit here, but it has been taking a little longer then i had expected.

My first post about Oregon was me being a tourist and thinking my time was short and i was only going to write two parts to this trip, but i will be writing a part three as well.

Visiting Oregon Pt 1.

Well this week while being up here has been a bit more then just doing some chores up here to help clean up the house. I mean you cant really, with all the stuff my dad has set up around the place.

I mean i even told him, "Do you really need all these things? You have 3 speakers over here, and 4 over there, and then right here is like 8." There is a lot of junk herre, but some of this junk is worth a bit. It's almost a musuem of The Beatles.

Anyways this time around i have been still like a tourist all around town. But since ive lived here before i am trying to treat it as such. So i take my bag and go to shops to get some snacks and drinks.

I am walking around this small tourist town a lot, going from the beach, to small shops and art galleries.

Other then a lot of walking and exploring i am enjoing the feel of nature when you are here. If you go to the beach here even on a busy day you can isolate yourself still and feel the waves crashing.

This trip means a lot to me and ive learned some new stuff. But i will always do whats right and just have fun. Even with a maniac.