To me, Oregon is my second home. Pretty much everything about it just feels right, but there is a lot of bad that comes with my trips to Oregon as I have made several trips there, and lived there.

My trip up here now is a mix of a lot of things and it's kinda hard to deal with, but other than that the trip is going surprisingly well.

I'm up here visiting my father and getting a car are my two main things here. During this visit, I am doing some chores for my father since he is getting old and very warn. It worries me that he won't really just stop and be an old person finally. He's way too hard-headed though.

Other than taking care of him or the house around here I have tried to reach out to any friends if they still live nearby and I have gone to the beach to stand in the ocean for a while as I let the wind hit me.

While here before getting a car my legs are feeling the burn. Walking all over town is good as most people do it, but when you haven't walked this much in the last past few months it takes a strain on your legs.

I have gone to most of the good places to hang out and visit while up here. The bayfront is still just as packed. Most places still require a mask which is fine.

There have been a lot of fo changes as well up here many different stores either moved location or is gone altogether.

This is a fairly small town of about 11,000 and it's on the main highway on the coast. This is a big place however due to the high traffic of tourism.

One of my favorite things about this place is there is about 14 dispensary's here. The weed is really good here. Also, I enjoy the no-tax on most items. Weed you get taxed which is fine, but for things like food, movies, clothing, and other retail items there is no tax.

There has also been a lot of places here offering jobs, much more than down in California. And if I lived here again I'd have a job or two in no time. But I don't plan on moving back here for at least two years.

I have been all around town to all the tourist trap locations besieds the the lighthouse. I dont mind if i visit that place. Its been a decent trip so far. It's like any trip you take you sometime wish you can stay longer.

As much as im sharing here with some nice landscape photos and all, I will be sharing some special photos and videos over on my Sponzlr account. Over there is where you can support me directly for any work and stuff i do.

I will be writing part two of this jeourny when I return back to California. That part will be explaing a lot more of what really has been hapening as well.

I do reccomend visiting the Oregon coast if you are ever around here. Got some good salt water taffy.