Hey buddies!

We want to let you know whats going on with us as wen want to remain transparent and open with our community. 

Using the web can be scary at times cause a lot of big tech and other sites and places are just after your data. All the ads you see on sites are targeted cause you said something, or posted something on your socials.

Data being sold and used by these big tech and social commpanines is wrong and a lot has recently come into light. It can be hard to deal with a lot of data and money. Its harder to be open and transparent to your users.

Here at Cybuds we are making it a goal of ours to be as open and transparent to our users. We are going to describe as much as we can to you all in these blog posts, or we will make a dedicated blog for all this.

Right now we have told you about updates and storage, we have talked about advertising on the site, and this one is about data tracking on the web.

Here we do track some things, as we want to make sure our users are enjoing the site.

What are we tracking? Well we are tracking only a few things, clicks on the site, mouse movements, and the scroll of the page.

We are trying to keep tracking to a minium. We aren't using Google tracking as that might be to much to track and for them to steal. We are using something called "UserTrack" 

This is only a small ammount of data we are "tracking". Why are we collecting this data? Well first off, we aren't keeping the data for long, as it get's held for a few weeks only, next we collect this to see how long users spend on pages, or where you might move your mouse or finger and to see if you look at the whole page.

This isn't a lot we track and we dont want to do more. We wont ever sell this data eirter, as it's priviate. We only use it to improve the way our sites work. As we want everything to be well off without issues if we can't really get on to fix anything. 

If we ever want to add more to track your data we will let you know right away what we track and what we added.

For now we will keep a light eye on this data, as we do want to improve the site with it, but we also want to be apart of the community and understand what you all want more so.

So we hope that you all understand our stance on tracking and data. There is still a lot more to all this that will take a longer time to explain, but we hope you get what we are doing and why.

Now please have a wonderful day. We will see you soon buddies!