Hey Buddies!

It's June already? Wow, this year is going by pretty fast already. Summer is here, so it's time to start cooling off at the lake. Just remember to be safe and clean up afterward.

Anyways it's also Pride month! Yay! :) Even though there is a month for this, doesn't mean you shouldn't just accept them for this special time. You should always love one another.

We here at Cybuds say that Love is Love, and we accept anyone with open arms. This time is for celebrating love, forgiveness, and the fight for the right to love. Cause even today it's still trying to be hindered and that's just wrong. Love is Love and Open. It should always be free.

If you need help there is plenty of help out there and we will also try to provide the best help to all LGBTQ+. 

We will try with the very limited money and resources we have to find ways of also giving tools to LGBTQ+. This social site is a community to help support others and give back. We will do what we can during this month and more to find or build the right tools for all, as we do want to improve the site more with other features for a great social community and content growth.

Cybuds is about being there for your buds, being there for all. We love every one of you, no matter the race, religion, gender. We love you!